March 27



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We are continuing to help seniors during these difficult times.
As the country grapples with understanding and controlling this pandemic, we at Moving Forward are doing the same. In order to keep our fingers on the pulse of the situation, we are checking the CDC’s website and the Wisconsin Department of Public Health’s website several times each day for updates, and we are continually changing our procedures to help do our part to control the spread of the virus.

Generally speaking, our clients are primarily in the group that is the most susceptible to developing complications if they were to get the disease, so we want to do everything possible to protect them. Unfortunately, remaining in their homes is oftentimes riskier than moving during this pandemic, so we are continuing to help folks transition to their new homes.

Many of the senior communities with whom we work regularly are limiting new move ins, and all senior communities have implemented plans to reduce the likelihood of an introduction of the virus into their communities. These plans are changing rapidly, so we continue to be in regular contact with our senior communities so we can help our clients navigate the process of transitioning.

Luckily we have not had any sick staff or clients yet, but in order to protect both our seniors and our staff, we are following the CDC’s recommendations including asking staff who are sick to stay home, asking staff and/or clients to wear masks if they develop a cough, encouraging frequent hand washing with soap and water or using hand sanitizer multiple times each day, and routinely cleaning frequently-touched hard surfaces including in our vehicles as well as in our clients’ homes. We have also asked our staff, and encourage our clients, to call their doctors and consider being tested for coronavirus if they suspect they may have the infection.

As of 2:00pm today, there are 133 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Dane County, so the risks are relatively small, but, in accordance with the CDC’s recommendations, we are asking staff and clients to notify us if they have tested positive for the virus or have come in contact with anyone who has tested positive so we can notify the Public Health Department of Madison & Dane County about the exposure and allow them to perform the necessary follow up.

As has been the case over the past couple weeks, the information about and recommendations related to the coronavirus pandemic have been changing rapidly, and we encourage everyone to check the CDC’s website and the Wisconsin Department of Public Health’s website regularly for updates.

If you have any questions or concerns about an upcoming move, please contact us at 608-395-1821 or send us an email at

We hope everyone stays safe and well, and we very much look forward to our lives returning to normal soon.


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