Making Senior Downsizing Easier.

Our Moving Mission®

Moving Mission®

Moving is a major life transition. We get it. And we created this mission to reflect the beliefs and values that were so important when starting this company in 2014. Since then we've done over 1,100 moves and our ability to connect on a personal level is what gives us the greatest satisfaction. 

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we honor your lifetime of memories

Imagine how difficult it is to part with your favorite shirt or picture. Now think about decades of memories in a home where you raised your children. Every person we have the opportunity to support has a unique story and that's what makes this work so rewarding.

  • The birthday parties, holiday events + graduations
  • The wall where you measured your kids from the time they could walk until they left the nest. 
  • The tree you planted in the yard for each baby you brought home.
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this is personal + we know it

Downsizing brings up a lot of emotions for both the senior who is venturing into another phase of life, and the family who is supporting the process. We start by listening and understanding what's important. We work with the family to ensure everyone knows what to expect and how to best support each other throughout the moving process. 

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we find creative solutions

Whether it's an innovative solution for how to fit existing furnishings into a new space, or finding a new home for a collection of antlers, we are up for the challenge. We work with dozens of partners when selling and donating items to someone else who can enjoy them. It's just another way we make this transition easier.